19 January 2008

Two Tracks Worth Hearing

Australian band Howling Bells have updated their MySpace website by adding their new song, Cities Burning Down, a song that is equally as good as anything that they released on their debut album. It has a little more depth, with added pianos, brass and synths on top of Joel Stein's brilliant guitar and his sister Juanita sings just as beautifully, adding a slightly sorrowful element to the track. It will take something really impressive to top their debut album of a couple of years back, but if this is anything to go by then they're well on the way to doing so!

Another great song that I've heard this week is A&E by Goldfrapp. They'd disappeared off the radar for a little while but are back with this track. This seems to almost be a step back from their last, disco-fuelled album Supernature, so if A&E is anything to go by, the pair are going back to being a bit darker and reflective, much like their debut album Felt Mountain. This can only be a good thing as Felt Mountain is undoubtedly their best album and while A&E still embraces some of the dance elements that Supernature and Black Cherry had it harks back to a time when Goldfrapp were rather minimal. The best way to describe this song would be to imagine two of their tracks - namely Black Cherry and Utopia - combined.

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