02 October 2008

Just Some Daft Fun

Actually I've nicked this idea from someone else, not that it matters! We've all probably heard of Brooklyn band MGMT (shame on you if you haven't long-time readers!) but what do these crazy initials stand for?

Now yes, I know that it's an abbreviation of Management but what I want is words to go with the initials. Here's my sensible one:

Moonshine Goes Musical Terrifically

And a not so sensible one (don't ask where I got this from):

My Greatly Misunderstood Turtle

But what does MGMT really stand for? Place your comments and make me laugh, or go serious! It's just a bit of Thursday Fun!


  1. Mutants Get Mangled Totally?

    Mark Grew Misshapen Thoracically?

    Melancholy Girls Meet Thursdays?

    Many Grapes Make Tastiness? (as in wine!)

    Shall I continue? Nah. LOL

    So glad to see you back, Scarlet. I've missed you and hope you're feeling better!


  2. Okay, I'll play along my fabulous musical guide. How's this:

    Make Good Money Trippin
    Manage Great Many Things
    Muses Grant Men Tamborines...

    (I could go on and on and on!)



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