19 October 2008

Grade E: This Blog Is Rated Excellent

... by Diva! This is perhaps the only time when an E grade is rated as being great, so I might print this off and show it to people if and when (heh heh) I screw up a bit. Hmm... stickers to paste on work....

And apparently I rock. Nice!

Anyway enough of those ramblings! I need to nominate some people to give this lurvely award to:

  1. Rozella
  2. Brett
  3. Noelia
  4. Popin
  5. Laurie

So there we have it. I've only just got back and I'm already getting awards... Sniff... I feel so privileged.


  1. E for Excellent lol that's funny haha

    thanks!! :)

  2. I feel so loved! :-) Thanks, lovely Scarlet!

  3. You are too sweet. Thank you Scarlet!

    ~ Popin


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