18 December 2007

Quick Commendation

As a protest against an X Factor winner (that means the cringeworthy Leon this time around) getting the Number 1 Christmas Single this year, Malcolm Middleton has released his own energetic and tongue-in-cheek Christmas single as a protest. I'm actually a bit of a fan of We're All Going to Die. The tune sounds simple and almost like it's been taken off an old retro video game (especially the part just after the chorus) but it's certainly a different take on what a Christmas single should be. I think the words are supposed to be a bit of a joke or metaphorical. Either way, I would prefer this far more than an 18 year old reality show winner covering Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston (or something like that, I try to turn off everytime the song comes on)! Congratulations also go to the Manic Street Preachers who have, after many arguments and mixed messages, also released a Christmas song. It's about time Ghosts of Christmas came out - they've been arguing about it for months now!

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