19 December 2007

Hoping the Hype Will Soon Freeze Over

What is it with the Arctic Monkeys?! They just won't go away! Apparently they're the UK's favourite band at the minute but I, for one, am sick to the back teeth with them. Okay, Alex Turner writes pretty good lyrics but he should've gone into poetry or been a writer because the tunes that he puts behind them are the same for every song. I heard that they had a bad reception in the USA because they weren't very good musically and I agree. At Glastonbury, all you could hear was this headache-inducing noise (although the sound was terrible generally, it sounded even worse with their tinny, rather annoying guitars). I hope that some time in 2008, the hype will die down and some good bands will be able to break through properly.

And as I'm finishing writing this, Teddy Picker has just started playing on the radio....

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