07 May 2010

Crystal Castles: Celestica

Canadian electro noise-makers Crystal Castles are back with their second (rush-released) album “Crystal Castles (II)” – the fact that they’ve named this effort exactly the same as their debut album has caused slight problems during explanations. Personally, if you just say “Crystal Castles Two” then there should be no problem, right? Never mind that, on to “Celestica” which is a more accessible slice of pie from the often thrashy duo. While their take on electro normally takes no prisoners (imagine someone like Slipknot transferred to synthesisers with strange Nintendo-style bleeps and a screaming banshee in the form of Alice Glass singing), this track is actually quite lovely. Well, anything where we can actually hear Alice singing instead of, er, shouting. It’s still a bit edgy but it’s also a bit dreamy and swooning too:

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