12 May 2009

Fancy A Bit Of Fun?

Bat For Lashes are encouraging all of their fans to log on to their MySpace page and try mixing their very own version of "Pearl's Dream", one of the best songs on their new album "Two Suns".

It's certainly unique, and users will be able to save their own little mix and send it to their friends to show off their handy mixing work. Don't like the beats? Ditch them. Not keen on Natasha's layered vocals? Bin it. Want more of the freaky little electro skit at the beginning? Make it run through the whole song, baby!

Ah Natasha! What a fine idea indeed. For those of you who haven't heard the song, here it is:

Now think about your remixes!


  1. hey mate,

    hope you are ok stranger and keeping well. have fun!


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