24 September 2008

How To Keep Warm In The Winter: Depeche Mode Style!

I know when I must be starting to feel the effects of dark nights and cold days around September and October because I instantly reach for Depeche Mode's "Ultra". I'm much more of a fan of "Ultra" than any of their other works, which includes the highly praised "Violator" (i.e. the one with "Personal Jesus" on it).
I've done this for a couple of years now, so I'm starting to wonder why it's such a good winter album. Strangely enough, despite the dark undertones there's a sort of coziness and warmth about the album as a whole. Okay, there are some pretty rock moments in "Barrel Of A Gun" and "Sister of Night" among others but then there's other songs that only feel right if you play them at night. I know this sounds weird but "The Bottom Line" in particular makes me think I'm a cat stalking through some dark alley - the fur is soothing! Of course it could just be Dave Gahan's sumptuous voice.
Well, whatever it is I'm sure I won't be getting through the winter without this album. It's like a cure for cold...


  1. i enjoy reading your musicblogs. i always find them refreshing and not pretentious like most.

    i always find it amusing how all the good international music comes out here (aus) generally in winter, whilst it's summer for everyone else. but the music still has an air of summer attached to it, even though you start forming winter memories. oh i'm rambling now. have a good day!

  2. I went to see Depeche Mode when Dave Gahan was a nice little boy and no darker side had emerged. Perfectly sound choice for me to beat the winter blues.

  3. Sorry to burst your bubble, but Martin sings "Bottom Line," not Dave.


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