11 September 2008

Congratulations Elbow!

So to everyone's surprise, Elbow won the MercuryMusic Prize this year for The Seldom Seen Kid. It came as a slight shock to me because even though they write good music and on that level they are deserving winners, the prize is meant to be about innovation and breaking boundaries - something the band have kind of failed to do with their album.

But still... Kudos to you Elbow, hopefully this makes up for when you lost to PJ Harvey in 2001!


  1. I wstehcd and was shocked. I think it's like the Oscars when they realise they haven't give on to an actor, so they give the lifetime award. It was definitely an award for time served rather than ne ideas, but
    it is about time they got some regonition. They were always the poor relation to Oasis, soa long time coming.

  2. hey there.. long time didn't come here. hope you are doing fine.. it looks that you never lack of music stuff.. nice.


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