28 February 2010

6 Music Saved!

After a week or so of speculation, it looks like 6 Music will be saved! For now. The story goes that the Beeb were planning to axe the channel along with the Asian Network in a cost-cutting scheme, saying that 6 Music needed to branch out and get some talent in.
Er, okay... Most of the people on Radio 1 can't be described as "talent" while 6 Music boasts the likes of Steve Lamacq, Lauren Laverne, Tom Robinson, Marc Riley, Huey Morgan, Jarvis Cocker, Dave Pearce.... the list goes on! And how come it's 6 Music that will be axed for not having a wide enough audience when the same report said that Radio 2 - that bastion of radio that appeals to people of all ages - was alienating their older listeners in favour of the 30-35 year olds?
Don't these stations have some kind of mission statement where they say who they want to appeal to, how they'll do it, who they'll do it with? Personally, if you were to get rid of 6 Music then there'd be a massive void for the people who are a bit too old and mature for the R'n'B, pop antics of Radio 1 but are still too young for te comort zone that is Radio 2. It'll be like the Black Hole of Calcutta for anyone who wants to be just that little bit left of centre.
So good on you Beeb for dispelling the rumours for now, although as the old saying goes: there's no smoke without fire...

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