03 January 2010

Worst of 2009: A Hideous Lookback

Well I had to do this - there are just some songs that I dislike so much that I have to "honour" them. By that I mean that I am going to name them, shame them, and post their videos so that everyone will know of their horribleness. Hopefully then we can exorcise them and never again have to be exposed to these awful tunes. Hopefully. Luckily I'm only going to list three of the worst, so you don't get too bogged down in the marshes of unspeakable horror. Er, enjoy?

30 Seconds To Mars - Kings and Queens

This was so overblown that you could just see that singer guy punching the air when he sings "we are the kings and queens". Yuck. I thought emo was dead? No? Well can I have a gun to finish it off now?

LMFAO - I'm In Miami Trick

No-one needs to be exposed to this kind of rubbish and prancing around. Some guys trying to be dance-rap stars and failing miserably. So they think if you wear shiny clothes and sunglasses indoors that makes you cool? No. That just makes you a laughable idiot. What madman decided it would be a good idea to give these a record deal... it's sickening.

Eminem - We Made You

White rap... It should never have been born, let aloe allowed to survive. At least when Eminem, the poster boy of this abomination, disappeared a few years ago it might have signalled the end. So when he came back, that was hard. I hoped, in vain, that the time off would have given him some good ideas - but I was sorely mistaken. That little intro is practically the same as the one he's been using for years, the video is weird and disturbing, the melody is infuriating, and all this time I'm trying to contain my uncontrollable rage and not throw the remote at the TV. Will the real Slim Shady please sit down and shut up?

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  1. Hmm, I guess everyone is entitled to an opinion. I like the LMFAO song... well the real song, not I'm in Miami "Trick". I listen to it when I work out. It is just funny, not serious and at least it has a beat that keeps me going.

    I'm way too old to watch music videos, actually I didn't even know they still made them anymore since I'm not sure where they would be played, but I digress, I think the Eminem video is funny and I like the message of his song, you know since there are so many famous people out there now bashing the very public who did help them rise to fame. Plus I hate Jessica Simpson with a passion (because she doesn't like vegetarians) and Brent Michaels is old and should not have a tv show.

    You are right about the song itself though, I wouldn't listen to it because the beat is obnoxious. And well, I don't even bother with anything remotely classified as emo, so I didn't even click that video. :) ha!


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