15 April 2009

Exciting Times!

Ooh, I'm currently listening to Depeche Mode's new album "Sounds of the Universe" a whole week before it gets released (that date? 20th April officially). And it's not illegal (but then, why would I want to do anything illegal?)
Anyway it sounds like a return to form so far. A lot of people really hate their latest single "Wrong" but I think I like the rockier feel. They seem to have banished a lot of the bleepy-bloppy sounds found on "Playing the Angel" as well which is a bonus. It's a bit like a hybrid of "Ultra" and "Violator" which spells brilliant.
If anyone else out there wants to listen to it, pop over to NME.com where I found it - you DO have to listen to an advert every couple of songs but I think that's a price worth paying personally, it;s just like listening to the radio!
Oh, I'm very excited about buying it next week (hopefully!)!!!!

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