18 January 2009

Royksopp Are Back!

Oh joy! Can anyone believe that it's been four long years since Royksopp released their last album "The Understanding"? Well apparently they're back! They're releasing their new album "Junior" in March, which I'm so happy about I could burst!

On a personal level, "The Understanding" was one of the best dance albums for ages, even bettering Basement Jaxx's soul-infused "Kish Kash" by mixing their more upbeat moments with more understated songs like "Beautiful Day Without You" towards the end of the album. And it includes one of my favourite songs, "What Else Is There" - dreadful sounding with that woman at Glastonbury a few years bak but with the right singer it's a magical trip through despair and being lost. Hmm, I do go for the happy songs, don't I?

Anyway, I had to put the clip up - any excuse to put it up really!

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