16 December 2008


It's getting round to that time of ear when I'll be announcing my special awards to go to bands and artists that have achieved so much over the past year!

Before that though I want as many people as possible to leave a comment saying what their favourite SINGLE, ALBUM and BAND were this year - even if it's an old band who haven't released anything, if you've got a good reason then put 'em down!

I'll be interested to hear from you all before I release some xmas cheer on some very lucky bands!

Although.... as a slight teaser I think one band in particular are running away with all the accolades... Oooh, mysterious....!


  1. Being an old fart i've only had one or two new albums this year, and Duffy's would have to be the one i've enjoyed the most, closely followed by Kate Nash. Massive attacks tear drop is the track i've listened to the most.

  2. alright.. my favorite band of all time goes to the legendary THE EAGLE and DEEP PURPLE, I am kind of "oldies" guys. Hope you don't mind. Long time didn't see you on my blog.


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